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PT United Partners gain access to strategic, financial and operational benefits and resources. As private practice owners we know the importance of developing a mission and vision that sustains not only your business but also your community and patients.


We will help you attain optimal outcomes and look to the future of your practice. Our succession planning is tailored to you, helping to meet your individual and community needs.


The development of exit strategies require holistic visions that focus on what is best for your business. This includes your many constituents such as staff, minority partners, patients, community and referring providers. Through strategic succession planning we will help you create the most value with your practice. This will help to exit your business effectively and efficiently.


All planning sessions are based on the unique needs of your practice. Consultations can be enumerated on a short or long term basis and can be done in a variety of settings.


Typical areas evaluated are revenue, referral sources and patterns, contracts awarded, community presence and involvement. We also take into account your viability in the marketplace. We will consider the most effective structures to envision what you will look like in and out of the business equation. We help you align your dreams and vision to ensure and enhance optimum benefits and outcomes.