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Become a PT United Partner

PT United has Partnered with over 1,000 PTs nation wide and is quickly growing. Our goal is to reduce costs and improve patient outcomes by building a national distribution network of physical therapists in private practice.

Reducing Clinical Expenditures

Partners have access to our Advanced Supply Chain Management Platform delivering tremendous value to your practice or network. Partners are able to increase revenues without holding or investing cash on hand in an inventory.

Your Patients need products, that's how we got our start!

With PT United's software and concierge system it is simple to prescribe products when medically necessary for optimal outcomes. We can work together to decrease patient costs and increase access to patient solutions. Together we care helping patients receive prices on products they could never get on their own.

Cultivating new referral relationships

PT United's direct relationships with other health care professional distribution networks grants our Partners access to a vast network of independent providers across the country. As a partner your relationship manager can assist in creating opportunities to grow your business.
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Advocating to Consumers

In developing our Patient Care Center, our goal is to market the benefits of finding the best PT, direct to consumers. PT United is working on educating consumers of the benefits of seeing of PT first for musculoskeletal issues. We want to build public awareness on costs and choices with inspirational rehabilitation and educational videos!


Each PT United Partner is assigned their own relationship manager for convenience, available 24/7 acting as their personal product broker. If there's a product you feel is medically necessary for a number of patients your treat, PT United will contract with the manufacture on your behalf for the benefit of all our partners. We're dedicated to finding solutions to assist in providing the best possible outcomes!

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