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Zuka Tool Set with Hard Plastic Carry Case

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  • Model: SKU 001
  • Shipping Weight: 15lbs
  • Manufactured by: Zuka Tools Inc




Benefits: Increase revenue, get referrals, no certification/ licensing fees, fast ROI and prevent hand/wrist injuries while performing IASTM or Myofascial Release therapies!

IASTM/Myofascial Release treatment is non-invasive and uses uniquely-designed stainless-steel instrument to break down scar tissue and fascial restriction. Zuka Tool instruments are best-in-class made of a variety of size instruments for precise treatments for different size individuals. Additionally, the instruments are made of medical-grade stainless steel with a flat surface for easy cleaning and to prevent the transfer of bacteria.

Having a Set of tools gives you the ability of using different size of instruments based on the body area the clinician is working on. With the Z3 and Z4 instruments you avoid fatigue of using only one hand when performing treatments.

This Zuka Tool Set comes with a hard carry case and a desk pad.

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