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Conductive Knee brace

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  • Model: GK1517
  • Shipping Weight: 4lbs
  • Manufactured by: Current Solutions




This Conductive Brace is perfect for use to treat knee injuries, sprains, strains and other painful conditions, including post-operative knee care- designed to apply TENS stimulation to the knee without the need for self-sticking electrodes- There are specially designed conductive fabric strips permanently attached into the brace itself These conductive fabric strips are long enough to cover the important treatment areas of the knee all at the same time- The adjustable fasteners hold the brace securely, enhancing proper and precise stimulation strip contact placing the therapy right where you want it - specially designed contacts, place the brace in place with comfortable Velcro stays, attach to your TENS or other Electrostimulation device and relax, you are all set to receive uninterrupted Electrostimulation therapy to the painful area


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