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Thermophore MaxHEAT Plus Large (14 in. x 27 in.)

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  • Model: F00355
  • Shipping Weight: 1lbs
  • Manufactured by: Thermophore




Our largest size is a generous 14" x 27" unit - nearly twice the size of most standard heating pads. Finally, a product that provides an area of heat therapy large enough to cover the entire spinal area, the length of a hip and leg or all across both shoulders, to effectively relieve pain and relax all the associated muscles - not just one small, isolated point.

The Thermophore MaxHEAT Plus Therapy Pack is designed to be hands-free with our Constant-Comfort Switch, a user-friendly switch with a built in 25-minute timer and three temperature settings; low, medium, and high.

Doctors and physical therapists know that the intense, penetrating moist heat of Thermophore brand products is a convenient, effective way to give patients hours of soothing relief. Having a Thermophore of your own, to use at the first sign of pain, muscle spasm or stiffness, can often let you treat a minor problem before it has a chance to worsen and require professional attention.


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