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Elasto Gel Hot/Cold Neck/Back combo wrap, flexible, mircrowaveab

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  • Model: SWT104
  • Shipping Weight: 10lbs
  • Manufactured by: Accu-Measure




Southwest Technologies, Inc. has been the innovator and leader in hot/cold therapy product design. Elasto-Gel therapy products are made utilizing a tough, flexible high glycerine gel that is covered with a four-way stretch material that allows maximum conformity, hot and cold transfer and comfort. A single product serves for both hot and cold applications.

Elasto-Gel Therapy Wraps are especially suited for use in the home, on the athletic field or in a health care facility. Individuals using Elasto-Gel therapy products can move about once the wrap is secured in place. If the product is used for cold therapy, the product will remain flexible even at a -20 F. All Elasto-Gel therapy products are microwaveable and will not leak if punctured.

  • Looks like back of shirt
  • Gel Size: 16" x 20 x 3/8" thick
  • Straps around waist will stretch up to 45"
  • Each
  • Hook belt around belly.
  • 2 Straps from shoulders hooks to the belly strap
  • Straps can be fastened like suspenders or criss-crossed over the chest.
  • Please follow mfg. instructions
  • Provides both HOT or COLD plus compression to maximize therapy
  • 100% Leakproof material
  • For use as cold pack, store in freezer
  • For use as a hot pack, microwave



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