Dear Customers, due to the COVID-19 outbreak we are experiencing higher than normal demand on various infection control products including face masks, shields and hand sanitizing products. As this outbreak is affecting the industry at every point of the supply chain, such previously stated products are on back order. Orders being processed may be delayed during this time due to the high volume and we appreciate your patience, thank you.


About Our Clinic

Our clinics specialize in innovative, evidence-based treatment for a range of health and wellness conditions to injuries and chronic pain. We focus on retraining your body to heal and respond to new challenges. Our physical therapists specialize in whole body treatment to target every area keeping you from achieving your goals.

  • Our focus is you.
  • Our goal is to unlock your potential to improve your quality of life.
  • Our physical therapist staff delivers innovative ideas to our patients and this will allow you to achieve superior outcomes.
  • We ensure every team member is highly trained to give you the best experience.