CoreStix Pro Board

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  • Model: 91-0001-SI
  • Shipping Weight: 56lbs
  • Manufactured by: CoreStix




Core Stix is one of the most versatile and scalable fitness products on the market!

With Core Stix, providing upright, functional training to your clients is easier than ever before. Core Stix’s revolutionary design allows you to provide strength, stability, metabolic, balance, flexibility and other performance improving exercises for your clients while they are standing on their feet, providing life improving functional benefits to just about any user.

Studies show that training in the upright position results in better core strengthening benefits. The bottom line is, the best way to improve your patient’s activities of daily life (ADL’s) through therapy is to strengthen their bodies while in the upright position.

Users with mobility or balance issues can perform an endless range of exercises in the seated or lying positions.
Core Stix is also compact and very portable. With its integrated wheels, Core Stix can be easily rolled or carried and leaned up aginst the wall or under a table for

All Core Stix products were designed by an NHL Stanley Cup winning Strength & Conditioning Coach and a former NASA Space Shuttle Mechanical Design Engineer for superior performance, simplicity, and versatility.

Core Stix gives you a full range of tools to get every one of your clients in the best shape of their lives and build the best functional strength possible!

-The Core Stix Pro Board is based on a nearly decade long foundation of research, development, and manufacturing of high quality Core Stix fitness and therapy products!
-Perform an endless range of strength, athletic performance, balance, metabolic, & flexibility routines for a wide range of users on one system.

-Unrestricted movement in all three planes of motion (3D) for better simulation of sports or activity specific movements.
-Use in standing, kneeling, lying, and seated positions for any aged patient.

-Stix provide progressive resistance, for safer and lower pain joint loading.
-Space-saving design is compact, lightweight, rollable, and stowable just about anywhere (leaned up against the wall, under a table).
-World-class instructional programming for personal training and group exercise comes with every Fitness Package sold.

Package Contents:
-One Core Stix Pro Board Platform with integrated wheels
-3 total pair of Stix:
-5 Foot Long Stix: One pair each of Lite, Medium, and Heavy.

-Core Stix Education:
Full color functional fitness instructional manual with over 50 functional fitness exercises.
HD Quality Functional fitness instructional videos.
Fitness exercise wall chart.
User Manual.

Product Specifications

Compact footprint: 30 in (width) x 60 in (length)
Platform height: 2.2 in.
Weight: 56 lb.

Silver durable powder coat.

Arc Supports:
53 different support holes for endless adjustability and adaptability.
Precision machined from solid high strength aluminum.
Type III hard anodize coating for superior strength & durability.

Color coded and labeled for easy identification. Latex free.
Epoxy based high strength fiberglass. Many years in development for many years of performance!

Wheels & Handles:
Platform includes integrated wheels for easier portability.
Easy to move & store (stores upright on wheeled end or under a table).
Handles on lightweight end make it easy to tilt platform for rolling and upright storage.
Integrated handles on sides of platform for easy carrying.

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