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Perform Better Superband 1/4" Orange

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  • Model: 6862
  • Shipping Weight: 1lbs
  • Manufactured by: Perform Better




Superbands are thick, extra-strong resistance training bands designed for heavy-duty exercise.

Superband Exercise Bands are extremely effective for both upper and lower body training and can be used for a variety of strength, speed, flexibility and rehabilitation exercises. Superbands are extra-strong, long (40") resistance bands designed for heavy duty use.

The exercise bands are great for assisted chin-ups and dips and for developing lateral speed and forward acceleration via various walk, shuffle, lunge and run-in-place exercises. During weightlifting, Super Bands can be used to overload the bar and add resistance to exercises like the bench press, squat and dead lift

Size/Color Resistance Width
1/4" ORANGE 5-15 lbs. 5mm
1/2" RED 15-25 lbs. *3mm
1/2 " BLACK 25 lbs. 5mm
3/4" YELLOW 25-50 lbs. 5mm
1" BLACK 50 lbs. 5mm
1 1/8" PURPLE 50-62 lbs. 5mm
1 1/2" GREEN 62-75 lbs. 5mm
1 3/4" BLACK 75 lbs. 5mm
2" BLUE 75-100 lbs. 5mm
2 1/2" BLACK 100 lbs. 5mm
3 1/4" GRAY 175-225 lbs. 5mm
4" BLACK 225-300 lbs. 5mm


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