Hand/Wrist Package #3

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  • Model: FABBDSACC03
  • Shipping Weight: 10lbs
  • Manufactured by: PT United




Home Therapy Rehab/Exercise Package - Hand/Wrist #3
Rubber Band Hand Exerciser, Blue Web, Easy Band Pack, Firm Putty, 2lb Dumbbell, Standard Ice Pack

Rubber Band Hand Exercisor Features:
-Ideal for finger flexion exercises.
-Vary resistance by increasing or decreasing the number of rubber bands, or by changing to a different color-coded set of bands.
-Range of motion may be decreased by using the flexion limiter (spacer).
-Comes with bands (25 bands 5 of each color), either 5 red bands or with 5 sets of color-coded with 5 red (light) bands.

Hand Exercise Web - Small Features:
-For use with flexion, extension, opposition and supination exercises
-Resistance can be modified by adjusting the hand position, depth of finger insertion or by moving to a different resistance web

Easy Band Pack Features:
-The Easy Pack contains x-light, light and medium bands
-Elastic workout bands can be used as cut strips or knotted to form a loop. Can also be used with any band or tubing accessory.
-Each pack has 3 different 4' elastic exercise bands; each band is 5" wide.
-Also contains an elastic band exercise chart.

Hand Therapy Putty - Firm Features:
-Increases strength and circulation in fingers, hands and forearms.
-Graduated consistencies for varying degrees of resistance.
-For home and hospital use.
-Odorless, non-stick substance.
-Airtight, resealable plastic container.
-Available in 5 color-coded consistencies.

Cast Iron Vinyl-Coated Dumbbells Features:
-Vinyl-coated to avoid calluses.
-Come in a variety of weights.
-For total-body workouts.

Comfort Gel Pack Features:
-Can be used as a hot pack or an ice pack.
-Remains flexible when frozen.
-Instructions for use printed on the back.
-Available in 8 different sizes.


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