About Our Clinic

Health and Wellness comes down to two options; you can react to problems or you can be proactive and take care of the problems before they become an issue. At Proactive Solutions, Inc. we live up to our name and take the proactive approach.

What Makes Us Different? Simply put we are PROACTIVE. Many companies say they are, but they are practicing the same old reactive approach just packaged with some clever marketing. We use a reverse engineering process that has been proven in all types of business applications with objective data to support it. We have no prepackaged one size fits all programs for our clients. To provide you with a customized program we meet with you and perform an in-depth risk-root cause analysis. We develop a customizable tracking system to continuously evaluate the effectiveness of the implemented program and report everything back to you. Our approach is one of continuous improvement. Contact us to schedule a free consultation.

Please contact us here http://www.pastherapy.com/