About Our Clinic

About Us You deserve quality health care. Within this complex, complicated world of health plans and health insurance, many of us feel we have lost something very important – choice – choice of where to go for health care; choice of who will provide our health care. Whenever choice is limited, we are left to wonder, “Am I really receiving the best possible care? Are the needs of my family really being met?” The choice is yours. Given a choice, we all prefer being served as an individual rather than being treated as a number. Quality care comes when health professionals take time to listen to patients and provide personal one-on-one treatment. We have been serving the Cincinnati, Ohio area since 1988 with offices in Hyde Park, Mason and Milford. Ask for Comprehensive Physical Therapy Center. Our knowledgeable staff is committed to helping you achieve your rehabilitation goals. We deliver personal attention beyond one-on-one care by providing patients the opportunity to work with the same therapist each visit. We strongly believe that building the patient / therapist / physician relationship leads to better communication, a more effective course of treatment, and a greater overall rehabilitation experience for you, the patient. Our excellent physical therapy service will improve your quality of life and will help you return safely to your normal activities as soon as possible.