Shoulder Dislocation / Instability Package

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  • Model: SWBDFI06
  • Shipping Weight: 10lbs
  • Manufactured by: PT United




Shoulder Dislocation / Instability Package
Ice Pack for Shoulder, Heat Pack for Shoulder, Shoulder Pulleys, MultiPack Band, Dumbells, shoulder Stabilizer, Kinesiotape

Hot & Cold Pack Wrist Wrap Features:
-Wrist wrap that supports and compresses.
-Outstanding wrist and elbow support.
-Delivers hot or cold therapy to minor muscle and soft tissue injuries.
-Remains flexible even at -20 F.
-Will not leak if punctured.
-Made with high-glycerin gel.
-Gel, cover and strap are all latex-free.

Exercise Band Retail Pack Features:
-Three-pack contains one each light, medium and heavy bands
-Four-pack also include one x-heavy band
-Packaged in a resealable poly bag
-Each pack includes one exercise band guide

Shoulder Pulley Features:
-A complete system to help you improve your shoulder motion.
-Can be used standing, sitting or lying down.
-Adjustable tension.
-Web strap to anchor pulley.
-Includes an illustrated manual.

2 x Neoprene Dumbbells - Black Features:
-Neoprene-coated metal dumbbells with hexagonal ends and color-coding for identification.
-Tone and strengthen muscles.
-Build stamina and speed up metabolic rate.
-Durable, long lasting and resistant to rust.
-Solid metal construction.

Physio Tape Features:
-Can be worn for several days per application.
-Water resistant.
-5.5 yard and 33.5 yard rolls.
-Available in black, blue, natural or red.
-Choose from 1", 2" or 3" width.

Breg Shoulder Immobilizer
The Shoulder Immobilizer is a deep pocket sling constructed of a durable poly/cotton blend. Provides patient comfort while immobilizing the arm and shoulder. Padded shoulder strap increases comfort, while the thumb loop prevents migration. Waist strap prevents rotation and provides immobilization for various injuries.


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