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Recovering your quality of life can happen quicker than you expect with the right physical therapist. Like any other profession, not all physical therapy is the same. At Montclair Physical Therapy, Inc., we provide a higher standard of care, subscribe to a code of ethics, and we can answer questions from which other physical therapists shy away.

When Choosing a Physical Therapist, Make Sure You Don’t Make any of These Big Mistakes:

  • Choosing a physical therapist because they take your insurance. Just because is a provider for your insurance plan doesn’t mean they will eliminate your pain any faster or help you make a full recovery. Fortunately, Montclair Physical Therapy, Inc. not only accepts most insurance plans, but we adhere to higher Principles of Care regardless of your coverage.
  • Choosing a physical therapist because they are conveniently located. Isn’t it worth driving a few extra minutes if it means you will need fewer overall treatments? Visit our Location page for a map and directions. Chances are it will be worthwhile for you to come to our office. Click here to read about the Montclair Physical Therapy, Inc. Creed (the beliefs, principles, or opinions that strongly influence the way we work).
  • Choosing a physical therapist just because they treat your diagnosis. Many other practices just give you a home program and expect you to do all the work. At Montclair Physical Therapy, Inc., we provide one-on-one care and are bound by our Code of Ethics and Principles of Care. Ask other physical therapy practices about their Principles of Care.

Our Standards are Higher than Most

We think you will find Montclair Physical Therapy, Inc's. standards and professional training are at a higher level than most. We hope you will be our next success story.

The longer you wait, the more time it takes to recover. Pick up the phone today and call us to set up your own personal evaluation.

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