Miller Physical Therapy offers an unparalleled diversity of services to accommodate every kind of patient: from professional athletes to senior citizens, from preteens to weekend warriors. We understand that for every body type and injury type, there’s a special combination of treatments we can provide to do our part in the recovery process, working in concert with a patient’s surgeon, physician, personal trainer, or coach. Miller Physical Therapy’s services are individually formulated to address and care for all varieties of injury, no matter if the impairment is a result of a chronic condition like tendonitis or bursitis; a consequence of surgical treatment; or the product of a sports injury or traumatic accident. At Miller PT, you’ll find the latest equipment and techniques applied by licensed physical therapists. Connected to our clinic is the well-known Palm Beach Gym. In tandem with a treatment or following it, our patients can access the full complement of recreational fitness equipment available at this excellent facility. Personalized treatments, versatile programs, professional staff, and an unmatched location all converge at Miller Physical Therapy, Where Fitness and Wellness Meet.