Foot Package #10

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  • Shipping Weight: 10lbs
  • Manufactured by: PT United




Home Therapy Rehab/Exercise Package - Foot #10
Moderate Band Pack, Stretch Out Strap, Foot Roller, Cervical Ice Pack

Moderate Band Pack Features:
-The Moderate Pack contains medium, heavy and x-heavy workout bands
-Elastic workout bands can be used as cut strips or knotted to form a loop. Can also be used with any band or tubing accessory.
-Each pack has 3 different 4' elastic exercise bands; each band is 5" wide.
-Also contains an elastic band exercise chart.

Stretch Strap Features:
-Features a unique lettering system that can be used to measure progress.
-Made with latex.

Comfort Gel Pack Features:
-Can be used as a hot pack or an ice pack.
-Remains flexible when frozen.
-Instructions for use printed on the back.

Foot Roller Features:
-Natural rubber roller used to treat common foot problems.
-Massages feet to stretch, strengthen and improve flexibility.
-Can be chilled to reduce foot inflammation.
-Small, lightweight portable design.
-Durable and easy to clean.


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