Up-Easy Power Seat Electric

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  • Model: EZ1000
  • Shipping Weight: 19lbs
  • Manufactured by: Complete




Use on existing furniture. * Lifts those weighing up to 300 Lbs (136kg) * Works on sofas, armchairs and recliners. * Costs considerable less than a lift chair * Transports easily * Provides a flat lifting surface * Safe and stable, no risk of pitching users forward * People who need assistance to sit or stand due insufficient upper or lower body strength can benefit from the Upeasy Power Seat * Those who have lost mobility as a result of: Arthritis, Parkinsonís, Muscular Dystrophy, ALS (Lou Gehrigís disease), post-operative conditions and degenrative joint disease * Cushion Dimensions: 16"W x 19"D * 120V AC * 1 year Warranty *This product is not medicare reimbursable


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