About Our Clinic

Known for our exceptional service, expert care and patient-centered approach, we are here to help you achieve your goals, whether that is return to work, sport or play!

Active Physical Therapy is located in Columbus, Ohio (Hilliard). As a private, locally owned physical therapy clinic, you can expect superior care and outstanding customer service. Staffed by doctors of physical therapy, we offer expert services in numerous areas of physical therapy, worker rehabilitation, therapeutic massage and sports rehabilitation.


To provide the empathetic, expert care you need with the attention you deserve.


To provide expert physical therapy services tailored specifically to the individual. These services will improve human performance and well-being with the goal of more efficient movement and improved symptom management.


Show empathy in our service and remember to treat each guest as an individual.

Empower our guests by giving them the care and resources they need to better manage their condition.

Promote excellence by striving for quality, consistent, and effective care. This requires a commitment to evidence-based practice and outcome tracking.

Provide educational opportunities for our guests and fellow clinicians. This includes our responsibility to continually educate ourselves and engage in research.

Make an earnest effort to be actively involved in the improvement of our organization, our community, and our profession.